About fearlesshe

Fearlesshe is an intersectional movement, designed to create awareness, value and positive change for all types of women around the world, in the times they need it the most.

We create awareness and education around topics that impact many women's experiences and day to day lives. We then enable women to take that awareness and transform it into action through a proven process of unlocking change. This is created one step at a time with a champion of support, enabling women to do more, learn more and believe more. Through each footprint of change we make for ourselves, we are creating the shift needed to make more seismic shifts for everyone, whatever their story and looking at every part of intersectionality. No one is free, until we are all free.

We are building a small but brilliant team of editors, licensed coaches and therapists, creatives and digital media professionals working to build something that's never been done before. more than that, we build this for you, for every one of you fearless women who are ready to create a new story written completely by you, for you. We are here to listen, share and be your champions. We are here for change.


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Would you like to be part of the fearlesshe team? Are you a writer, app developer, therapist, coach, poet or artist? Are you interested in being part of a team that creates positive change whilst wanting to develop and showcase your skills further?

If this is you, get in touch below. We want to hear from you.

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